Pathways Youth Services is dedicated to the Belief that all individuals should be given the opportunity to acquire, integrate, and apply knowledge for the enrichment of society and self while in a structured environment.

Pathways has established a group home living environment for young boys between the ages of 12 through 17. Through a carefully structured environment, this includes the physical surroundings as well as the emotional, psychosocial, cultural, and economic needs, and to attempt to get these young men better prepared for the transition into society. It is our belief that these young boys can be redirected in a positive form to become productive members of society.

Pathways will work with the Virginia Department of Social Services to meet the individual needs of each young boy enrolled in the program. The age base will be 12 through 17 currently in the care of the Department of Social Services. The main goal of Pathways is to build positive relationships with the residents to improve the quality and efficiency of their way of life.

Residents enrolled with pathways ideally would be in the 12 through 17 age range. During this time, the resident will obtain the necessary tools to survive and become a productive member of society, which includes personal, social, ethics, school, self-esteem, and a structured environment. Pathways will accept 18 year olds that are currently enrolled in an educational program.


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